Time Machine Experience

The value of having a Time Machine is that the future can provide you with insights unavailable from the perspective of today.  Markets Move faster and faster, making it ever more challenging for leaders to maintain their current vision, regardless of how well it has worked to date. Business plans must either create, or at least adapt to, market disruption, and the corporate vision needs to be sharp, highly compelling and inspiring to all stakeholders.

If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever.

Thomas Aquinas

Transport to your Bold Future Success

Design ideal state in the future & from the future “As if you were there…”

  • Time Machine projection and celebration of an Ideal Future.
  • Bold thinking & creativity through the use of advanced techniques & gaming.
  • Align your team on the Ideal Vision of Aspirational Success.

Looking back from success

Look back from future success and ask… “How did we do it?”

  • Leverage the vantage point of future success for valuable insights.
  • Create a big block strategy to success absent of limiting beliefs.
  • Avoid limiting beliefs about “why we can’t do it”.

Mission Completed

Bring the Bold Vision & Big Step Strategy back to the present day for execution.

  • Align the vision & plan with stakeholders, who co-build their specific area roll-out.
  • Build unstoppable belief and conviction throughout the organization.
  • Celebrate successes as you move forward towards your Bold Vision.
Scott Time Machine