Scott Cochrane

Combining executive leadership, psychology and neuroscience, I work to disrupt your thinking and transform bold ideas into tangible plans. I help leaders accelerate growth on a personal, executive and corporate level.

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    The conference room was emotionally charged with a couple of executives vehemently arguing their point of view, contradicting what they had previously agreed, “throwing each other under the bus” to avoid blame in front of the boss. Voices rose, fists slammed the table and fingers pointed accusingly. It had gotten personal. Colleagues caught in the [...]

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    We’ve been reading for years about how the pace of change is accelerating, creating mounting challenges for businesses to stay flexible, agile, and relevant. Now experts predict even greater changes, both good and bad, as generative artificial intelligence advances. With the world of work constantly changing, leaders face tremendous pressure to stay ahead of the [...]

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    A tree in Colorado might seem like an unlikely model for running a business, but nature always has lessons to offer us. Each fall, while riding my motorcycle through the Rocky Mountains, I witness something amazing. All across the slopes, the aspens change color in unison, as if they’re following a single pattern. Watching the [...]

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    When you’re being natural, you’re amazingly engaging. If you practice too much or are too professional, your audience will be bored and you will lose them before you even begin.